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Layout made by: DORKISTIC.this is a "story" blog,starring Yong Junhyung and Kim jaejoong with a fictional girl.

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OPENED:May Second,2O1O
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May 2010

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introduction ▬

title » "I don't wanna be your first,but I wanna be your last."
author » hwang daemi [ dami ].also known as "Ulzzang C a n d y ".
started » ninth of may,twozeroonezero.
ended » n/a.
credits » chazzie @ dorkistic.
inspiration » ...


© Dami 2010 ; All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the permission of Dami.


characters »

▬ you as kyunghee moon.{ lovely reader }
▬ junhyung yong.{ beast's hottie }
▬ jaejoong kim.{ DBSK's beauty }

(& more to be added)


▬▬ a little bit info.

● kyunghee moon. { ♀ , 19 }
▬you.a clumsy,funny and hyper girl.someone who smiles everytime and gave off cute expression.she complains a lot and she is the girl that you don't wanna be with when you have bad times,except if she is serious at that time.

● junhyung yong. { ♂ , 19 }
▬ a guy that stole your heart.a warm-hearted,nice and friendly.also a funny guy that make you laugh easily.although your first impression about him is a "bad guy",but after becoming friend with him,you will actually see the real junhyung yong.

● jaejoong kim. { ♂ , 2O }
▬your first love,first guy-friend and first boy-friend.he is somewhat a "bad-boy".he have left you with painful memories that made you don't wanna fall in love anymore and don't believe in love.he is a cold guy,and usually gives a 'fake" smile that can melt any girls heart.


● some quotes.

"He may be your first,the one who make you cry and broke your heart.But I,wanna be the last to make you cry,wash away all your tears.and the one to make you smile and happy always,cause the last..remains with you."-junhyung yong.

"I'm scared to fall in love because of the experienced that I had before.But since you came,the feeling started to grow.I am scared to love you..and lose you."-kyunghee moon.

"I'm very sorry.I know I'm stupid for loving you,but please.Come back to me.I still love you,I promise.I'm gonna make you happy."-jaejoong kim.

● teaser.

"Kyunghee! Macchiato please!"The cafe slowly became busy,more people came."Alright!"Kyunghee shouted and quickly take the macchiato and ran to the customer."One Coffee!"A man ordered and she quickly ran to the coffee maker and make a coffee.

"I'm commming!"She shouted and went to the man and suddenly,everything happen.She almost fall and suddenly spilled the coffee to someone.

She gasped,"I'm very sorry!"